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Larry Fox

Oakmont of San Antonio Heights’ resident Larry Fox isn’t letting the shelter-in-place stop him from his passion for music. Fox, who usually travels on the weekend as a DJ for a jazz station, is now broadcasting from his apartment home. His sign-off: “This is Larry Fox, broadcasting live from Oakmont of San Antonio Heights.  Read More.

Teepa Snow Event

Join Oakmont Senior Living for a live virtual event with Teepa Snow to discuss caring for a loved one in COVID-19 isolation this Thursday, April 30th at 1:30 pm. Q&A to follow.  Read More.

Virtual Senior Care Event

Join Oakmont Senior Living for a live video conference to discuss the best tips for dementia during a crisis, presented by David Troxel.  Read More.

Covid-19 Safety

At Oakmont, we are committed to the health and welfare of our residents and team members, and it is our top priority. Take a look at an infographic we created. Read More.

Holiday Easter Treats

Happy Easter from Oakmont Senior Living. Check out the fun treats our culinary team put together for our residents this weekend. Read More.

Oakmont Team Helping Prep Meals

Thank you Oakmont team members for your commitment, sacrifice and resilience during these challenging times. This weekend we put together…  Read More.

July 8, 2020

Watermelon Granita

Total Yield: 18 Cups Shelf Life: Up to 5 Days Total Time: 5 Hours Recipe By: Andrew Moret Director of Culinary Oakmont Management Group Ingredients 6 Cups Watermelon Diced (about 1 Large Watermelon) 8 Basil leaves plus Small Leaves to Garnish 3 Limes Zested and Juiced 1/3 Cup of Sugar 1 Pinch of Salt Preparation: 1. Combine [...]

June 29, 2020

Complete Transformation’: Oakmont Senior Living Pivots to Health Care in Covid-19 Strategy

The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted a regional senior living provider to reevaluate its value proposition and pivot its operations and marketing. That company is Oakmont Senior Living, a Windsor, California-based provider with 31 communities throughout California and Nevada. The provider, which traditionally focused on high-end amenities and services, found itself in unfamiliar territory when Covid-19 turned the senior living [...]

Despite COVID-19, California senior living operator still on track to open five new communities

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to affect the country in early March, Windsor, CA-based Oakmont Senior Living recognized that many seniors not living in supportive environments might be struggling with access to everyday essentials such as food, medication, healthcare, transportation and rehabilitation. To help address this, Oakmont, which operates 25 stabilized communities throughout California and 11 communities at various stages [...]

A Best Friends Approach to Memory Care

By David Troxel, MPHDementia care is challenging in the best of times.  How do we cope when the new normal is “dementia care at a distance?”In general, the recipe for excellent care is to keep the person living with dementia as healthy as possible, while at the same time surrounding him or her with friendship and meaningful activity. Socialization, in [...]

Fiery Pickled Pickle & Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs (Kalbi)

Korean BBQ Beef Short Ribs (Kalbi) Total Yield: 3 Lbs Beef Short Ribs Shelf Life: Up to 2 Days Total Time: 1 hour 30 mins Recipe By: Rachelle Reyes @ Oakmont of Chino Hills Ingredients 2 Lbs Beef Short Ribs Korean Style Marinade 1 cup cup Soy Sauce 2/3 cup Water ¼ cup Mirin (Rice [...]

Chilled Ahi Tuna Poke Bowl & Cucumber Melon Spiked Agua

Cucumber Melon Spiked AguaTotal Yield: 48oz or 6 DrinksShelf Life: Until Ice MeltsTotal Time: 20 minsRecipe By: Daisy HernandezIngredientsBaseCantaloupe simple Syrup (1 cup of Water, 1 Cup of Sugar, 2cups of Cantaloupe)5oz of chopped Cantaloupe4oz Cantaloupe Simple Syrup16oz waterGarnish5oz Finely diced Cantaloupe5oz Pealed finely diced CucumberCucumber CoinsDrink8oz of Hendrik’s Gin or (your Favorite Gin)24oz IcePreparation:Base1. Simple [...]

May 22, 2020

Chef Rina’s Veggie Spring Rolls with Homemade Peanut Dipping Sauce

Chef Rina’s Veggie Spring Rolls with Homemade Peanut Dipping SauceChef Rina’s spring rolls are easy to make and very versatile. They are great as a meal, snack or appetizer and can be customized to fit your palate. With fresh veggies and herbs as the star of this recipe, these will become your favorite, too.Total Yield: 8 [...]

Elevating a Classic: “Peanut Butter & Jelly” Homemade Bread Loaf & Fresh Jam

We all remember with fondness the PB&J, also known as the Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. Chef Andrew Moret, regional chef specialist for Oakmont, shares his amazing upgrade to this recipe for Homemade Berry Jam and Peanut Butter Bread. Don’t worry, you can try this at home and you must! The residents of Oakmont [...]

Dining During a Pandemic

The coronavirus has pushed senior living organizations and communities to the limit in ways never imagined. Just one scenario that wasn’t in the protocol books was how to deal with dining during a pandemic. “This situation is different than everything else we’ve done—it’s not an earthquake, fire or tornado. Even recruiting right now seems like a project from another [...]

‘Dry Ice-olation’ Spring Berry Ice Cream

Chef Josh Carey of Oakmont of Redding loves to share his ‘dry ice’ ice cream recipe which includes a fun ice cream making technique that anyone can do even without an ice cream machine. Check out his ‘Dry Ice’-olation Spring Berry Ice Cream and try it at home! Total Yield: 1 quart Shelf Life: 1 week [...]