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What is Memory Care?

Whether your loved one is in the early stages of dementia or is experiencing more advanced cognitive changes, Oakmont can help. We believe that people living with dementia can continue living vibrant, joyfully connected, and engaged lives. Our Traditions Memory Care program features innovative activities, a secure environment, specially trained team members, and superior building design, so you can rest assured knowing your loved one is receiving quality care.

Compassionate and specially-trained team

Our care providers are specially chosen for their skills, previous experience, and passion for working with those living with dementia. A licensed, full-time nurse oversees the individualized care of each resident. Available to residents 24 hours a day, care providers, equipped with specialized dementia education, extensive training, and routine evaluations, treat residents with care and compassion.


Safe and familiar environment

When residents can successfully navigate a familiar environment, their self-esteem is enhanced and their anxiety is decreased. Oakmont offers easily accessible surroundings so residents can navigate their way around the community and maintain a sense of independence.

Caregiver is holding senior lady's hand

Exquisite Dining Options

Meals continue to be a deeply meaningful part of residents’ lives, and Oakmont provides the same fine dining options that are offered in the greater community. Residents dine restaurant-style and are offered entree choices at every meal. Residents enjoy the option of hosting family and friends in our private dining room for family gatherings and celebrations.


A community full of joyous animal friends

Enjoy the life and companionship that animals bring. Our family of singing finches in the aviary brighten residents’ days. Every spring, our residents warmly anticipate the hatching of newborn chicks. Pet therapy is a staple on the activity calendar and residents enjoy when family members bring their pets to visit.

East Sacramento dining area
Senior lady in a red hat smiling in the garden
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Five Star Amenities & Award Winning Culinary Program

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