Beyond the barbeque and sunshine that accompanies a typical Memorial Day celebration, the holiday carries a special significance for many of today’s seniors and Americans overall. It may bring back memories of loved ones lost while serving in the U.S. Military, or a senior’s own time spent serving our country.

Below are ways we can celebrate Memorial Day with our senior loved ones:

  1. Approach the holiday with your loved one’s feelings and experiences in mind. Listen with patience, kindness and consideration, if they choose to tell stories and talk about their memories.
  2. Ask your loved one if they’d like to accompany you in raising the flag, or place the flag in an area they are able to see it from indoors. In observance of Memorial Day, the flag is traditionally raised at half-mast until noon and at full-mast from noon until dusk. The experience of doing this together can provide a sense of emotional support and camaraderie, and help connect multi-generational individuals in solidarity and pride.
  3. Celebrate the holiday together. Enjoy Memorial Day with your loved one and offer to invite their friends and other family members. If they are able, plan an outdoor gathering or barbeque. For those who are not mobile, offer to bring the celebration indoors to them.
  4. If celebrating outdoors, make sure to help them stay cool and hydrated. The hot weather may create some discomfort for them.
  5. If your loved one is a veteran, show your support by honoring them with a card or gift. Let them know that you, their family and their country are grateful for their service and dedication.

We hope you will have a fun and meaningful Memorial Day with your senior loved one.

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