Oakmont Senior Living partners with the software provider to use AI technology for risk assessment to create personalized programs for residents to improve mobility

Irvine, CA, United States, September 13, 2021 /EIN Presswire – This link opens in a new browser tab./ — As another investment supporting inspired and active aging, luxury senior living provider Oakmont Senior Living is introducing a new fall risk assessment program— OakBalance. Utilizing VirtuSense, an automated tool designed to assess risk and aid in the reduction of fall risks, OakBalance will debut at 12 California-based Oakmont Senior Living communities this September.

The VirtuSense program uses touchless, artificial intelligence technology to evaluate senior residents for balance issues in under three minutes. The risk of falling increases in severity and frequency as people age, and injuries and deaths from falls continue to rise – This link opens in a new browser tab. nationally.

“OakBalance is yet another innovative program from Oakmont Senior Living that demonstrates our commitment to keeping residents active, healthy and happy,” said Mandy Curtis, MSN, RN, the company’s senior vice president of health services. “According to the CDC, falls are the leading cause of injury among adults older than 65, so we are excited about the potential for this program to truly benefit our residents and keep them active longer.”

Offered in partnership with Select Rehabilitation, OakBalance begins with a short screening that thoroughly assesses deficits in balance, gait and function, which are the three main factors in fall risk. The assessment is done using a touchless, computer-based program called VirtuSense and includes fun biofeedback and interactive programs. The data is then used to create customized physical therapy and exercise programs for residents to help improve their physical abilities and areas of concern.

“OakBalance perfectly aligns with our mission of personalized care for each individual,” said Curtis. “We can meet each resident at their point of need. At the same time, we’re helping decrease injuries that can take a toll on our residents physically, mentally and financially.”

In a case study by VirtuSense, participants in a similar program experienced 95 percent improvement in at least one area of risk and falls were reduced by as much as 73 percent. In addition, 80 percent of seniors who returned for a second screening showed improvement in overall mobility.

There is no cost for residents to participate in the OakBalance program and screenings take place onsite at the communities. Oakmont Senior Living communities currently offering the program include those in San Jose, Alameda, Oxnard, Brea, Huntington Beach, Orange, Upland, Chino Hills, Whittier, Escondido and Pacific Beach.

OakBalance is just one of the inspired amenities provided at Oakmont Senior Living communities, which also feature a chef-driven, five-star culinary program and onsite resort-like amenities such as movie theaters, salons and wellness centers, pet parks, walking trails and more.

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