Senior living communities often suffer from misconceptions that cloud their true nature.

One prevalent misconception, fueled by movies, portrays senior living communities as homes for frail seniors in hospital-like conditions. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. To dispel these myths and shed light on the numerous benefits of senior living communities, we present the top 6 common misconceptions about senior living.

Myth #1: Senior living communities are exclusively nursing homes.

Truth: Senior living consists of communities for seniors in all conditions.

While senior living communities can include nursing homes, they are not confined to homes for people with serious care needs.. These communities offer a diverse array of living options, from independent living homes for seniors seeking autonomy to memory care communities for individuals with dementia. Regardless of their physical condition, seniors can find a suitable senior living home that caters to their needs. In fact, many seniors choose to move to independent living communities while they are healthy and vibrant, embracing the community, amenities, activities, services, and freedom from daily chores and responsibilities.


Myth #2: Senior living communities are dull and devoid of activities.

Truth: Senior living communities offer abundant opportunities for fun and engagement.

Some people envision senior living homes as places where elderly individuals simply pass the time, sitting in wheelchairs and staring at TVs. This misconception is far from accurate. In senior living homes, seniors lead active lives, attending operas with friends one night and listening to world-renowned lecturers during breakfast the next morning. At Oakmont, we provide an endless variety of activities right outside your door, eliminating the hassle of scheduling classes, driving, and feeling overwhelmed. Instead, you have the freedom to choose which classes and activities to participate in. It’s like being on a cruise ship that never leaves the shore, with daily schedules packed with enjoyable events tailored to your interests.


Myth #3: Senior living meals are unappetizing and bland.

Truth: In Senior Living Communities, residents can enjoy restaurant-style dining experiences, where their meals are expertly crafted by experienced chefs.

Contrary to popular belief, senior living home meals are not tasteless and pre-packaged. At Oakmont, our highly-trained chefs, who have honed their skills at renowned hotels and fine dining establishments, take great pride in creating nutritious and mouthwatering meals. The menu changes daily, ensuring a gourmet, restaurant-style dining experience. There is a wide selection of choices available, the option to customize dishes, and the flexibility to cook your own meals whenever desired. We invite you to join us for a meal and taste firsthand the appetizing offerings at Oakmont.

Myth #4: Senior living homes are all the same, and the buildings are outdated and unattractive.

Truth: Senior living homes vary in styles and sizes, with beautiful modern design.

The perception that senior living homes resemble stuffy, old-fashioned parlors or clinical, sterile hospitals is misguided. Step into a senior living home, and you’ll discover an environment reminiscent of a world-class hotel. At Oakmont, our lobby is pristine and filled with natural light, while the gardens boast lush greenery, a pool, ball courts, and a pet park. Your spacious suite can be customized to reflect your personal style, adorned with designer furnishings. Each Oakmont community has its own unique style, whether it be American craftsman or a tropical beach aesthetic. Whatever your preference, you can find a senior living home that feels like a beautiful oasis of tranquility.


Myth #5: Senior living homes infringe on privacy and independence.

Truth: Senior living homes promote independence and prioritize privacy.

One concern among seniors contemplating a move to a senior living home is the fear of losing privacy and independence. However, this is far from the truth. Residents have the freedom to be as private or as sociable as they desire. They can choose which activities and meal times they wish to participate in, and they are free to come and go as they please. Contrary to the myth, senior living homes enhance independence by providing convenient services, eliminating worries about home maintenance and security. Seniors can freely embark on vacations or enjoy outings to the winery or symphony with newfound friends, without the burden of household chores or transportation arrangements. Just like a world-class hotel, senior living is not about adhering to strict rules, but about embracing the freedom to pursue one’s own desires.


Myth #6: Senior living homes foster loneliness, lacking opportunities for friendship.

Truth: Seniors experience higher levels of happiness and forge new friendships easily.

Concerns about loneliness and losing touch with old friends are common among seniors considering a move to a senior living home. However, these fears are unfounded. Senior living communities provide ample opportunities to make new friends and maintain existing connections. With a plethora of activities and excursions, seniors quickly find like-minded individuals who share their interests. Meal times present an opportunity to engage in conversations, and various interest-based groups further foster social connections. Our move-in coordinator is dedicated to facilitating your transition, introducing you to your friendly neighbors and ensuring you feel at home. Maintaining old friendships is also effortless, as visitors can come at any time, and you are free to venture outside for visits or vacations together. Additionally, at Oakmont, we have resident cats or dogs in our pet parks, and all memory care communities feature aviaries of birds to brighten residents’ days. Being surrounded by smiling faces on a daily basis makes it easy to experience happiness.

If you would like to gain a better understanding of Oakmont Senior Living, we invite you to visit us for a tour. Our team would be delighted to showcase our beautiful campus and introduce you to our friendly residents. Please contact us today to arrange your visit. We can’t wait to meet you!

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