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Fountaingrove Lodge movie theatre
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Recent Testimonials for Fountaingrove Lodge

We visited the independent living facility, but this is a continuing care facility, so it's possible that we would migrate to assisted living later on. The staff was knowledgeable, professional, and seemed like very intelligent, caring people. It's a first-class facility. It's the nicest one I've ever seen in terms of quality. It's like a first-class hotel. It's an outstanding place!

Gordon, Toured Community

This place is wonderful. I have been living here two years. Everything is beautiful here, including my own apartment. The staff is fabulous and residents are probably the best part. We are the friendliest people on the planet, likely because we all feel lucky to live here. The Lodge saw me through the death of my husband with love and grace. Life goes on, and it is good.

Helen M., Current Resident

Fountaingrove Lodge was beautiful, the people were very friendly, and the residents seemed very happy with the facility. We're quite satisfied. The rooms are very spacious and well appointed. The place is a new facility and won a number of awards for architecture and design. The public spaces were very beautiful and luxurious. The main chef came from a well-known restaurant in San Francisco.

Mark, Family Member of Resident

I did a tour of Fountaingrove Lodge, and it had everything I could want and more. It was top of the line. The apartments were spectacular. The staff was friendly and extensive. They had dogs, art rooms, and they had a garden place if you wanted to garden. They have a movie theater. They fed us lunch, and it was spectacular. The facilities themselves are beautiful. On one side, you look out on a vista over the city, and on the other side, you look out on the golf course. It's just beautiful.

Dannelle, Toured Community

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