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Recent Testimonials for Oakmont of Torrance

Oakmont of Torrance is a beautiful property. The staff is very friendly, caring, and give great customer service. The rooms are just beautiful. They are pretty spacious and they got everything that my mom would need. The atmosphere was very welcoming too. They have physical therapy onsite, a salon, regular activities in the lounge, as well as game groups, and a library.

Pam, Family Member of Resident

We chose Oakmont of Torrance because they had a very good presentation and we felt comfortable placing our mom here. The facility itself was also new, and it is well-run and organized. It was in a great location to family as well which was a big help.

Anonymous, Family Member of Resident

We toured the Oakmont of Torrance. I give them my highest recommendation. They are the place we like the best. We were impressed--it's very, very nice. They were very friendly, very cordial, and very informative. It's a fairly new facility, and we liked the facilities. It was excellent!

John, Toured Community

It's a high-end facility. The activities and environment are extremely good. It's a beautiful place and the staff are great. I know it's a tough job dealing with memory care patients, and they've been very good with my loved one.

Anonymous, Family Member of Resident

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