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Recent Testimonials for Segovia

My mom is staying at Oakmont of Segovia. It's been good, and the place is beautiful. They have a pool, a theater, weight rooms, and a dining room. The staff seem quite good.

D.C., Family Member of Resident

Segovia is excellent. Overall, it looks like a quality place, and the food is very good. It is a very good-looking place. The apartments are nice. The amenities are very nice. The staff who assisted me was excellent and very knowledgeable.

Barbara, Toured Community

Segovia is very nice. The building is very nice. Their dining room is spectacular. The units were larger than the other facilities that I visited. They're like full apartments. They are just that much nicer than anything else I saw. Of the ones that I've seen, Segovia is the nicest. They seem to have everything you want. I have a good friend that lives in one of them and he even has a fireplace in the living room!

Michael, Friend of Resident

I have been to many assisted living facilities, and this is by far the most incredible one I've ever seen. It's well worth it for the beautiful accommodations and amenities. Highly recommended!

Mark, Toured Community

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