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Recent Testimonials for Oakmont of Santa Clarita

My grandmother lives here, and when I visit, I am always greeted by very friendly staff that seem to really care about my grandma and the other residents of Oakmont. She says that she likes it there so that's what matters the most!

William O., Family Member of Resident

The staff has been amazing. Jonathan, the master chef, provides world-class food and service every day for every meal. The activities keep the residents on their toes in and out of the facility. This location is truly the place you would want to stay in your golden years. I feel at home as well whenever we are there visiting.

Ed B., Family Member of Resident

I have seen first-hand on a daily basis how much the administration and staff absolutely care. Speaking of staff, Oakmont of Santa Clarita is staffed by LOVING people (they have been fantastic to not only my parents but my siblings and me as well!) My sweet mom requires some hand holding at times and the med-techs, care-givers and yes, definitely the administration have made my mother feel ‘loved’ and certainly cared for. All I can say is at the end of the day, this place has been a blessing to my family for how well they have taken such loving care of both my parents.

Daryl M., Family Member of Resident

My father-in-law stayed at Oakmont of Santa Clarita. He was in hospice care there for three weeks. The caregivers were extremely attentive and kind. The food was excellent. There were activities like movies and yoga!

Deborah, Family Member of Resident

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