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Recent Testimonials for Oakmont of Pacific Beach

We visited Oakmont of Pacific Beach, and we really liked it. The staff, their food, and the rooms were great. They were very nice there. No pool, but there's a very nice garden, and the grounds are really nice. The dining room was very nice and very clean. The staff there was wonderful; everybody knew the residents at the smaller community; they were all super helpful. Their dining room is big enough for them to have people come whenever they want and still have the people separated.

Sarah, toured community

A wonderful new assisted living place near the ocean with fun senior activities, kind support staff, and transportation. The food is prepared by a trained chef and the dedicated people who work there are top-notch. The residents are loving it!

Cara W., industry reviewer

Oakmont of Pacific Beach is a very good, busy place. There's a lot going on all the time. They have a physical therapy room. I was able to try the food, and it was very good. We're very happy with the place... everything is fairly new and beautiful. The staff is very kind and competent.

Sean, family member of resident

The staff are really excellent - kind, well-trained. Management keeps a good eye on how residents are treated. There are lots of activities for all levels of ability, and the staff work hard to keep residents engaged. The quality of the apartments is high - soundproof, great plumbing, pleasant. The dining facilities are good, and when necessary, the resident may eat in their room. Management is very responsive to calls and emails.

Rachel, family member of resident

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