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Recent Testimonials for Oakmont of Montecito

Montecito is great. The residents are awesome. The staff are caring and helpful. The food is sufficient. Lots of choices with a five week revolution to choose from. I'm happy & feeling grateful to live at Montecito.

Denise, Current Resident

It was a hard decision to place Mom in the next level of care --Memory Care. I visited several places and decided on Montecito. They were very informative and answered all my questions and concerns. I dropped in/out several different times to see how they handled their people. I was very pleased to see how they took pride in caring for each of their special needs. They always have time to be there for them. When my mother wants to go out and take a walk someone takes her out for a walk. I sleep better at night knowing Mom is in a SAFE environment and somebody is watching out for her. Mom must be happy as she doesn't call me as often.

Carole, Daughter of Resident

After mom broke her hip, we needed to find a facility for mom. From my first visit, I knew this would be perfect for mom. We secured a one bedroom apartment, which includes a small kitchen, living room and a balcony to sit outside. We brought in moms furniture for home and did a mirror image of her living room and bedroom. From day one mom loved her apt... I truly could go on and on about Montecito. When I would take mom to her doctor appointments, she would always say when we would pull into Montecito, “I’m Home;” made me feel good to know our choice of a place for mom was the right one.

Ken, Son of Resident

We looked at several other places in Northern and Southern California; there were closer facilities, but we chose Montecito Oakmont Senior Living because of its surroundings and the people who work there. It is a beautiful place and everyone there seems happy. We had a great experience with the medicine room. If there has been any issue, the staff has been great, totally working with us. I just had a good feeling about Montecito Oakmont; they recently replaced the Senior Director who had given us our initial tour and the new one is just as nice and greets us when we visit and is friendly with both family and residents.

Anonymous Loved One of Resident

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