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Recent Testimonials for Oakmont of Escondido Hills

Oakmont provided her with a staff that genuinely cared for my mother-in-law, with friends she could spend time with and a place that she could navigate, knowing that she was safe. She became a very happy person. This made it possible for my husband to relax knowing that he didn’t have to worry. There were times when we would visit and she would wave us off because she was busy visiting with friends. THAT was a new behavior and a wonderful one. We can’t say enough about Oakmont. All of the staff, including everyone from every department: administration, financial, nursing, nutrition, social, maintenance, custodial, cleaning, etc. deserve high praise. We highly recommend Oakmont and may someday consider to make it our home.

Adrienne C., Family Member of Resident

Oakmont of Escondido Hills is truly amazing! Everything, from the meals to care, is exceptional. Always smells clean and fresh and the courtyard is beautiful. You'll find yourself surrounded by grapefruit and fresh lemon trees and a gorgeous fountain. The staff is incredible, so warm, caring, and friendly. Special thanks to director, Olivia, for helping make it all happen!

Lori G., Family Member of Resident

Oakmont is such a wonderful facility, and it is so clean and well decorated in fine taste. I just love the people that work there too. They are so loving and friendly--they all are as nice and caring as I could ever hope for. My mother has a wonderful room and is never bored. I am so happy that they have a contract with a visiting doctor to attend to her various health needs. They take their members on wonderful site seeing trips and to lunches around our county every week. The rose gardens are so beautiful, and the pool is clean and pristine and relaxing. Every night there is a different movie playing in the theater and they show a variety of different genres of movies. I would recommend Oakmont to anyone that is looking for a facility like this. I truly believe that Oakmont gives you the most for your money, and as far as the staff you can not put a price on how wonderful the employees are.

Holly K., Family Member of Resident

Oakmont of Escondido Hills is a great community. I always enjoy my visit there. First off, the staff is amazing. Everyone is warm and friendly and they always take the time to speak to me even though I often come by unannounced. Of course that same hospitality is given to the residents. The staff does not pass a resident within the community without seeing how they are doing or inquiring about their day. Similarly, that same idea is consistent among the residents. Everyone is very friendly to one another and every time I am there, I strike up a conversation with a resident since many love to spend time in the common areas and bistros instead of confined to their room. Oakmont is a beautiful community and their staff is wonderful and staff and residents alike are always smiling.

Dana S., Family Member of Resident

The care and kindness of every staff member here is incredible. Everyone is thoughtful, kind, and knowledgeable. My mom is so very happy since moving here. She loves all the people, the care she gets, all the fun activities, and the incredible chef-driven food. The facility is so homey and smells good. Beautiful spaces for family and friends to enjoy when they come visit. Grateful my brother was able to get a little apartment for our mom here.

Lizz G., Family Member of Resident

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