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Recent Testimonials for Capriana

I am familiar with the lovely Capriana as an industry professional as well as the adult child of parents in their 90's; as a result, I visit very frequently. Discretion and dedication to accommodating the needs of residents clearly reflects the philosophy of the company and is evident throughout this beautiful community. The director, Sam, is very hands-on (many communities cannot boast of this benefit) and accessible. The best insurance of a strong community is the level of interaction between residents and management. Residents are not afraid to communicate their likes and dislikes and are encouraged to give feedback and be in relationship with the management. The staff is very friendly. I only wish I were retired!

Anonymous, Family Member of Resident

Capriana looks like a resort. It has everything that you want to do to stay active. The grounds are beautiful, buildings are brand new, the apartments are very nice, the amenities are outstanding!

Anonymous, Toured Community

Capriana was very nice, new, and modern with a great atmosphere, like going to a four-star hotel. I loved it!

Julie, Toured Community

Capriana was perfect. They're very spacious and the rooms were very generous. The facility itself was very clean and very nice. They even have a barbershop. The amenities include the transportation and medical staff on standby, and that seemed great. The staff members were very accommodating, and they answered questions very well. They had everything!

Roz, Toured Community

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