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Recent Testimonials for Oakmont of Brookside

The staff are wonderful. They are supportive and encouraging. They are working with my aunt to help her improve, and they show her respect. The entire staff are professional and quick to respond. The menu looks very good. They offer a lot of activities and outings. The community is clean and well maintained. I can tell the residents are the most important people to them, and I would recommend this community.

Anonymous, Family Member of Resident

Since moving in, I have seem craft projects, exercising, Mojito happy hour (if okay in medical records), and performers. She loves her meals; breakfast is served all day and she likes that. There is variety and daily specials. I feel better knowing that she is safe with a staff member there through the night. She feels safe too. They have a safe and beautiful courtyard that has a great landscape and is secure. Everyone is nice and helpful. I picked this because this is where I would want to go too.

Anonymous, Family Member of Resident

My mother is very active in the community and participates often in the activities. We went to pick her up the other day and she was busy with yoga and aromatherapy. It doesn't look like the standard old folks home and that's why we like it. It's very close to our home, and we like that because if she needs something, we can be right there.

Anonymous, Family Member of Resident

The friendliness of the staff members go way above a five. They are extremely friendly. The food and the service the residents have here is very good, and they have been doing the best they can with the activities. The last few days they have started to loosen up and bring back more activities since COVID has been more under control. They do have a lot of to offer, and I am very happy here.

Lynn H., Current Resident

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