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Recent Testimonials for Oakmont of Las Vegas

My father is in Oakmont of Las Vegas. We like it a lot. We chose that particular facility because it has a beautiful courtyard. My father loves the food. They have music and a happy hour Thursday where they have music and cocktails, and then performers come in and entertain them. Afterwards, they have a poker night, game night, and crafts. They have a lot of activities, and they celebrate all the holidays there. I think it's really good. It keeps them active.

Monica, Family Member of Resident

I moved into Oakmont of Las Vegas. The staff is great, the facility is very nice, the food is very good. The staff is helpful, always respectful, and they seem to take extra care to stop and listen as required to anybody who speaks to them for any reason. I found the food to be different selections every day, and everything has been at least pretty good, and a couple of items has been absolutely outstanding, so I'm highly impressed, and I particularly like the variety of food. They're always mixing it up and trying something new. This is the best place for the money.

Rick, Current Resident

Oakmont of Las Vegas has been very good at answering all my questions and making me feel so much better. I was very, very hesitant in moving my mom in the first place, but they helped me through it. She's already there and they've been very hospitable, been helping her, and making sure she is not alone. They're very compassionate, very friendly, loving, and understanding people. The place is like a hotel. Her room is beautiful. I've witnessed the dinners and lunch, even happy hour orders, and the food is fabulous.

Anonymous, Family Member of Resident

Oakmont of Las Vegas is phenomenal. They're very transparent in their communication. It's like a cruise ship in the desert - they have everything! My mom raves about the food, and they have their own executive chef. They have tons of things to do, something for everybody. She's enjoyed the little tour excursions, PT, movie club, and just socializing with other residents in general. Her cognitive ability has absolutely stopped declining, and in some instances has even improved, due to Oakmont facilitating her diet, stimulation, and socialization. They don't allow her to play victim. Instead, they support her and give her that little push when needed. Every single person there is so skilled. That's exactly where I would want to go when I reach that point in life.

MM, Family Member of Resident

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