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Recent Testimonials for Oakmont of Folsom

Wonderful place. My dad loves it and has lived there about 2 months. Staff is warm and caring; the food is delicious and the environment is positive and lovely. We could not be more appreciative at the care and respect they provide.

Julianne S, Daughter of Resident

My brothers and I are so happy with the care my dad is receiving at Oakmont. Oakmont is known in Folsom as “the nice place.” Someone at another place called it “ritzy”. And it is that for sure. But they have not compromised care and attention just to make it seem cosmetically nice. The staff is approachable and respectful, and after only a couple of months, seem like they truly know my dad. The food is great, the common spaces warm and lovely. We would visit him no matter where he lived but it’s a great joy to walk into Oakmont and say hello to the staff and be able to spend time there. We trust that he’s safe, supported, and seen. It’s a beautiful space and my dad loves it.

Anonymous Family Member of a Resident

My brothers and I love Oakmont and (most importantly) so does my dad. Caring, funny staff that like my dad and show him respect; great environment that is modern and full of light that makes it joyful for us to visit, and, of course, caregivers we trust and rely on. We’re so happy my dad lives there!

Anonymous Family Member of a Resident

We are so happy with this facility. My mom really feels this is home & is security for her. The staff is so warm, professional & caring. Thank you so much!!!

Tracey B, Daughter of Resident

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