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Recent Testimonials for Oakmont of East Sacramento

My wife moved into Oakmont of East Sacramento. It is very nice, big, new and has a great staff. The food is excellent. They have many activities. They have a large staff, and they do shuttle bus trips around the city looking at historical sites. They do walking tours in adjacent neighborhoods and they have many different activities within the facility, so, they're kept busy. It's a large facility and well-staffed.

Howard, Family Member of Resident

My mother-in-law is at Oakmont of East Sacramento. It's clean and new. They have a lot of activities. It's very professional. The facilities are very nice. I felt like I would be comfortable living there myself. My mother-in-law is in the memory care side. They do a great job. I feel like she is well cared for. The staff is very friendly, very caring, and very professional.

Shawna, Family Member of Resident

I visited Oakmont of East Sacramento for my mom. They have really planned out the layout for the seniors, and they were friendly. I enjoyed the tour. They are new, so it is a very upscale community. Their rooms are very large. They have companion suites, private rooms, and they are almost like a five-star hotel room. The staff was very understanding, compassionate, friendly, and professional.

Othis, Toured Community

My husband will be in the memory care unit, and he'll have his own private room. The rooms all had nice views. The rooms were all clean since they're brand new and spacious enough for one person. The dining rooms are beautiful. They have two dining rooms and a recreation room. The staff was very gracious, kind, and helpful, so we have no complaints.

D.F., Family Member of Resident

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