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Recent Testimonials for Oakmont of the Terraces

Overall, we are very impressed with Oakmont. It is the kind of place my family member feels comfortable in. The food is good, the place is clean, and the staff is competent and friendly!

Anonymous, Family Member of Resident

Excellent place for my mother-in-law. Beautiful setting, very caring employees. They took care of her better than I could!

Anonymous, Family Member of Resident

I placed my stepmom at The Terraces Memory Care 3 and a 1/2 years ago. Every time I've seen her, she is smiling, joking with the staff, and says that she's "perfect". The unit is always clean, the staff are always welcoming. The celebrations are planned to give people occasions of elegance and enjoyment. Our loved ones have been kept safe, and we have been kept updated. I cannot highly enough recommend The Terraces.

Connie, Family Member of Resident

The Terraces is a beautiful, serene, and highly compassionate community. I was received and welcomed as I toured the facility for my family member. The staff is professional, attentive and delivers personalized attention to both the resident and their families. I would recommend The Terraces to any family considering memory care for their treasured family member(s).

Sarah, Toured Community

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