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Recent Testimonials for Oakmont of Redding

My parents moved into Oakmont of Redding one month ago. It's great. They've been really good and very happy. They've been very helpful. They have a lot of classes. You pay for different sized rooms and have a pretty good-sized split room with a living room on one side and bedroom on the other. They have all meals included, which are really good. They have painting classes, bingo, exercise classes, even for people on wheelchairs, and excursions to bird watching, Costco, and the lake.

Eschelle S, Daughter of Residents

Oakmont of Redding was a wonderful community... It was beautiful. The person who assisted us was very cheerful, very welcoming and very professional. The dining area was all seated. It was very clean and very tidy. They had puzzles, drawing, singing, and reading. The staff was excellent. We ate some goodies in the dining room, and they were good. The place itself was excellent. It was so clean.

Tesha, Toured Community

We visited 5 or 6 other facilities and when we saw Oakmont, we knew it was the one. There was no doubt that this one was the best one that we saw. My husband has a nice size apartment with a beautiful view of the river. The whole place is amazing, especially the staff. They really make the facility great; they know all the residents names and their personalities. I would recommend and already have.

JBN, Wife of Resident

Oakmont of Redding has been wonderful; the community is very clean and we have had no problems so far. The nurses are great; the staff members have been very thoughtful and helpful. The individuals we worked with in the beginning were just fantastic. The grounds are beautiful; the residents can go out and walk around. It overlooks the river which our loved one enjoys, we can sit outside and watch the fishing boats go by. It is just a really nice place.

Arline, Spouse of Resident

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