Seniors watch ‘Lives Well Lived’ screening at Oakmont

Marketing director Tracey Paulk, right, welcomes visitors to Oakmont of Valencia before airing "Lives Well Lived." Ryan Mancini/The Signal.Residents and guests to Oakmont of Valencia walked the halls to the senior living facility’s movie theater to watch a screening of the film “Lives Well Lived” on Friday.“Today’s screening is about a film created by (director) Sky Bergman,” said marketing director Tracey Paulk. “Sky spent a lot of time with her grandmother … they spent a lot of time cooking together and talking and telling stories. That inspired her to start this documentary on seniors that are living their best lives.”The 2018 documentary was inspired by Bergman’s relationship with her 103-year-old grandmother. She then sought out seniors between the ages of 70 and 103 to interview and share their stories about how they live their lives to the fullest. The film encompasses “3,000 years of experience,” according to the film’s description.Paulk saw the documentary and, not long after she became employed at Oakmont, suggested to executive director Margie Veis to screen it. Paulk said Veis was quickly onboard.“It’s beautiful, it’s inspirational, it makes you laugh, it makes you cry, it just inspires you to live your best life whatever age you’re in,” Paulk said. “Another thing she’s doing now is she’s starting intergenerational viewing of the movie, so she’s having younger high schoolers and teens view the movie with seniors.”Bud Andrews and his wife Mary were sent a flier about the film and were curious to see it. Based on [...]

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Oakmont of Residents Enjoy Art Exhibit

Oakmont of Santa Clarita hosted the Santa Clarita Artists Association’s Spring Fling Art Show for residents and their families on Saturday. Art made from different media, including canvasses, watercolor, jewelry and sculpture, were all on display inside Oakmont’s lobby, which was cleared of most of the furniture for the art show. Oakmont residents and guests observed different artwork made by 13 of SCAA’s artists. “Being part of the artists association, we try to reach out to the community,” said SCAA president Charlotte Mullich. “So (for this), it was the Oakmont community. The art show is here for the people who live here just to see art and then also for their family and friends that come and visit who might want to view it and maybe purchase something. It’s really about working with the community. Residents waited in anticipation based on prior art shows, she said. “This is my third year participating, and I see some of the same residents come by and look at the art,” Mullich said. “When we were setting up yesterday, a couple of them came by and asked, ‘When are you going to be ready?’” Freda Morrison, one of the exhibiting artists, sat close by her display. A blue ribbon named one of her pieces as the Best Overall Award in the “Floral” category during the SCAA 26th annual Art Classic Competition in 2015. Before she worked as a volunteer at the original SCV Senior Center, Morrison participated in art classes and was [...]

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The Longest Day Of The Year

In the United States, more than five million people are afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease. Because of this, the Alzheimer’s Association holds multiple fundraising opportunities each year, which help support Alzheimer’s research, care, advocacy and awareness efforts. June 21, 2019, the summer solstice, is the longest day of the year. On this day, the Alzheimer’s Association invites people from all over the world to find creative ways to raise funds in support of their mission. On The Longest Day, participants utilize skills such as arts and crafts, baking and cooking, music, exercise and much more to cultivate awareness about Alzheimer’s disease.  To find out more about this fundraiser and ways that you can get involved, visit http://act.alz.org/. Oakmont Senior Living proudly supports the Alzheimer’s Association. In honor of The Longest Day, Oakmont communities hold various events and fundraisers with all proceeds and donations benefitting the Alzheimer’s Association.  Headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, Oakmont Senior Living is a recognized leader in the retirement industry. Founded in 2012, Oakmont Senior Living provides customized services in luxurious, resort-style settings to meet the unique needs of each resident. With an impressive array of five-star amenities and professionally trained, compassionate team members, residents at Oakmont Senior Living benefit from the finest senior living experience in the industry. For more information about Oakmont Senior Living, visit www.oakmontseniorliving.com. 

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Oakmont of Camarillo Under Construction

Construction is underway on incoming Oakmont of Camarillo, due for completion this winter. According to the Camarillo Acorn, the framework for the nearly 87,000-square-foot retirement community at 305 Davenport St. has been erected. When complete, the community will have 91 homes, including 60 assisted-living and 25 memory-care apartments, according to a press release from Northern California-based Oakmont Senior Living, a developer of senior communities. The Camarillo site arrives parallel to a second site in Santa Clarita Valley. In mid-March, Oakmont threw an early celebration for a facility in Valencia; an amenities-laden property with 90 units (50 memory care and 40 assisted living) due this summer. Oakmont of Valencia — a two-story, 85,000-square-foot community — will join existing Oakmont of Santa Clarita, which has been at 28650 Newhall Ranch Road since January 2016 and totals 86 residential units (55 in assisted living and 30 in memory care). The Valencia elder community will include a library, fireplaces in each room, family dining room that can seat 25 people, and activity room as well as a pair of movie theaters, gas station, drug store, coffee shop and dog park on the property. Margie Veis, who worked at Oakmont of Santa Clarita, will lead the new facility as its executive director, and her incoming Oakmont of Valencia team includes Marketing Directors Mary Dembkowski and Lynn Moss, Marketing Coordinator Diana Serrano, Move-in Coordinator Katie Leonard and Business Office Manager Tami Mayer. “The two communities are about 3.5 miles apart, but there is plenty of [...]

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What Sets Oakmont Of Valencia Apart?

An Oakmont of Valencia official is talking about what will set the luxury Santa Clarita senior living community apart from other communities after its grand opening slated for this summer.Oakmont of Valencia is expected to have 40 assisted living apartment homes, along with two memory care communities comprised of 25 apartment homes each, according to Mary Dembkowski of Oakmont.“Each memory care community has its own dining room, its own activity areas, their own courtyards, plus, which is really nice, is we put a movie theater right in our memory care community,” Dembkowski said.While Oakmont of Santa Clarita, its sister community that opened in 2016, has more of a focus on assisted living, Oakmont of Valencia is expected to have a heavier focus on memory care for residents living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, according to Dembkowski.In addition, Oakmont of Valencia is located in a residential area on Copper Hill Drive, within walking distance of a grocery store, shops, paseos and more.“It’s a little bit of a different setting,” Dembkowski said. “It’s a lovely area.”Aside from all the five-star amenities and activities that have become a signature feature of Oakmont Senior Living communities, Dembkowski noted that giving residents and their loved ones peace of mind in knowing the senior is being well taken care of is their top priority.“We give our residents pendants that detect falls, so if someone should slip and fall, they don’t have to worry, ‘I have to press my pendant,’ — we’ve already been notified,” she [...]

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Celebrate Memorial Day With Senior Loved Ones

Beyond the barbeque and sunshine that accompanies a typical Memorial Day celebration, the holiday carries a special significance for many of today’s seniors and Americans overall. It may bring back memories of loved ones lost while serving in the U.S. Military, or a senior’s own time spent serving our country.Below are ways we can celebrate Memorial Day with our senior loved ones:Approach the holiday with your loved one’s feelings and experiences in mind. Listen with patience, kindness and consideration, if they choose to tell stories and talk about their memories.Ask your loved one if they’d like to accompany you in raising the flag, or place the flag in an area they are able to see it from indoors. In observance of Memorial Day, the flag is traditionally raised at half-mast until noon and at full-mast from noon until dusk. The experience of doing this together can provide a sense of emotional support and camaraderie, and help connect multi-generational individuals in solidarity and pride.Celebrate the holiday together. Enjoy Memorial Day with your loved one and offer to invite their friends and other family members. If they are able, plan an outdoor gathering or barbeque. For those who are not mobile, offer to bring the celebration indoors to them.If celebrating outdoors, make sure to help them stay cool and hydrated. The hot weather may create some discomfort for them.If your loved one is a veteran, show your support by honoring them with a card or gift. Let them know that you, [...]

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Oakmont of Valencia Construction Update

“Every day there’s a change at Oakmont of Valencia,” said Margie Veis. “In the last two weeks our focus really has been on getting those models set up, because our next really big event is going to be our model grand opening.”While the date for the model grand opening has not yet been determined, Veis noted that the insides of the models are currently being painted, and the construction team is working on putting in light fixtures, non-skid carpet and granite countertops.“Rooms are taking shape,” she said, adding that she has been taking pictures every step of the way so staff can look back on the construction process.“That’s one thing that really makes the team proudest is you look back and it was a piece of dirt, and then you move forward six months and you have a full community that’s really turning into a family,” Veis said. “That’s what’s so exciting.”Oakmont of Valencia is located in the community of West Creek and West Hills on Copper Hill Drive, setting its location apart from Oakmont of Santa Clarita, which sits on a hill on Newhall Ranch Road overlooking Six Flags Magic Mountain.“We’re in a neighborhood, we’re close to the paseos, so that’s a different feel,” Veis said, adding that residents will be able to walk to the grocery store, a coffee house and possibly a drugstore.While Oakmont of Santa Clarita is mostly assisted living with a dedicated wing for memory care, Oakmont of Valencia is expected to have a [...]

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Parkinson’s Awareness Month

April is Parkinson’s Awareness Month.  Parkinson’s disease is a progressive nervous system disorder that is caused by loss of nerve cells in the brain which leads to a reduction of a chemical called Dopamine. Symptoms may include trembling of the limbs, stiffness, poor balance and coordination, slow movement, speech difficulties and in some cases cognitive impairment.  There is currently no cure for Parkinson’s disease, but if you are diagnosed, there are several things that will help reduce the symptoms. Getting educated about the disease is most important and under your doctor’s care, many medications will help with symptoms. Physical activity such as strength and flexibility exercise as well as working on posture and balance may be helpful.  Many times, physical and occupational therapy is recommended. In addition, support groups are available to allow one to connect with others who are dealing with the disease.If symptoms progress to the point where outside help is required, an assisted living might be the right choice. Assisted living communities offer a wide range of benefits, from meals to housekeeping and comprehensive enrichment programs.  Maintaining social interaction, managing medications and staying active are key to slowing the progression of this disease. Consider assisted living communities when you feel you could benefit from the additional support they can provide.Headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, Oakmont Senior Living is an award-winning developer of premier, resort-style senior communities, with communities throughout California and Nevada. Family owned and operated, Oakmont is recognized for quality of craftsmanship and excellence of amenities [...]

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Celebrate Spring With Your Senior Loved One

Springtime is upon us! Below are several ways that you can celebrate the season with your senior loved one.Spend time outdoors. The sunshine is returning and that means we have ample opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature. Plan a walk with your loved one at a local community park, or for those who are not mobile, open the windows in their home and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine with them. Find a park bench and sit together outside, or eat a meal outdoors.Go to the local farmers market. Shop for seasonal produce with your loved one and enjoy a social outing at the same time! Pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers to leave at their home.Create an indoor garden. Work with your loved one to create an herb garden that they can use at home.Embrace the idea of spring cleaning and support your loved one in cleaning out old boxes or simply tidying their home.Invite the birds to visit by setting up a bird feeder at your loved one’s home so they can have fun watching the various types stopping by for a snack.Plan a picnic. Invite other friends and family to celebrate the season with a potluck picnic at a local park.We hope you enjoy time spent with your senior loved one throughout this season.Headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, Oakmont Senior Living is an award-winning developer of premier, resort-style senior communities, with communities throughout California and Nevada. Family owned and operated, Oakmont is recognized for [...]

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Connecting with loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia

Alzheimer’s disease strikes pain and division in many families, without always giving loved ones a break to cope. But when it comes to bringing the family together to reconnect with a loved one who has the disease, the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, or AFA, released several steps for how to reconnect and strengthen connections, according to a news release issued last week. “As the disease progresses and memory fades, it’s about what can we do for loved ones to stay connected,” said Margie Veis, executive director of Oakmont of Valencia, which also works to help families with loved ones who have Alzheimer’s or dementia. To begin, AFA asks families to work on finding ways to reconnect by means of different activities, such as sharing meals, watching films or looking through old photos together. In addition to this, Veis suggested a memory box with mementos and photos, items that can trigger memories, as well as face recognition via Skype or FaceTime. Another option is to learn “love languages,” or ways to express and receive love. This can incorporate gift-giving, acts of service and physical touch. One technique Veis recommended is to take a knee and touch delicately. “I think touch is so important, but you have to be respectful of the disease process,” Veis said. “(Someone with Alzheimer’s) can become hypersensitive to touch.” AFA also suggested families learn how to be adaptable and take time learning what can be done, rather than staying focused on what cannot be done when [...]

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