Oakmont Of Santa Clarita Offers Residents Fine Dining

At Oakmont of Santa Clarita, senior residents can experience restaurant-style fine dining at every meal thanks to the community’s head chef, Jonathan Schwartz.With a winter menu currently being offered in addition to daily specials, an executive chef from Oakmont Senior Living’s home office works with the chefs at each Oakmont community to create a variety of menu options. “We even grow our own herbs, so we can use a lot of our own herbs and vegetables in our menu,” said Mary Dembkowski of Oakmont of Santa Clarita.The dining room is open all day long, and the dinner menu is offered from 4:30-7 p.m., with a bistro stocked with freshly baked cookies, granola bars, fruit and other snack items after hours. “You can always help yourself to a snack in the bistro if it’s after the kitchen has closed,” Dembkowski said.The culinary team at Oakmont of Santa Clarita is preparing a special Valentine’s Day menu for this week, which will offer a cream of asparagus soup with parmesan breadcrumbs, a choice of two entrees, and a carrot cake roll with cinnamon cream cheese filling for dessert.Entree options include prosciutto wrapped roasted pork tenderloin with dried fig compote served with mushroom and forbidden rice pilaf, or duck confit and seared muscovy duck breast with rosemary garlic potatoes and brandied carrots. At Oakmont of Santa Clarita’s two-year anniversary celebration, the culinary team even whipped up an Italian feast. “We had an Italian wine tasting event with a full Italian feast and some great [...]

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Models Open at Fair Oaks Luxury Retirement Community

Four completed and fully furnished model units are open for viewing at Fair Oaks’ newest retirement community, Oakmont of Fair Oaks. A studio suite, an open one bedroom/companion, a large one- bedroom and a two-bedroom suite can be viewed via appointment or by visiting the Information Center, located at 8484 Madison Avenue. The Information Center is open seven days a week, from 9am to 5pm. Located on 3.65 acres near an abundance of shopping and dining options, Oakmont of Fair Oaks will be an 84,613-square foot community featuring 50 Assisted Living and 34 Memory Care apartment homes. Floor plans include a studio and one and two-bedroom options ranging from 400 to 1,306 square feet. All homes have 10-foot high ceilings and spacious bathrooms. Just minutes from Lake Natomas, Folsom Lake and the American River Parkway, Oakmont of Fair Oaks is a luxurious option for active seniors in search of resort-style amenities and continuing care services. “We are the first new full-service retirement community that has been built in Fair Oaks in over a decade,” said Steve Weinroth, Executive Director of Oakmont of Fair Oaks. “We are excited to offer this premier retirement option to local seniors and offer attractive new employment opportunities to the residents of Fair Oaks.” To meet the diverse demands of vibrant and refined seniors, the community’s amenity package for all residents includes: Gourmet meals served anytime 7am to 7pm in a restaurant-style dining room, with a full menu designed and prepared by a five-star executive chef [...]

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Oakmont Of Santa Clarita Looks Back On Rye Fire Evacuation

Oakmont of Santa Clarita was evacuated during the 6,000-acre Rye Fire in Saugus last month, and residents and staff were forced to spend a total of 12 days away from the senior living community while restoration crews worked to repair extensive smoke damage. On Dec. 5, 2017, Oakmont of Santa Clarita staff and volunteers from the community worked to safely evacuate 94 seniors while spot fires burned around the property and heavy smoke clouded the area. A senior resident holds their dog during the Rye Fire evacuation at Oakmont of Santa Clarita. “Our executive director, Margie, just handled things so calmly and professionally, and I think because the staff was calm and just doing what we needed to do, the residents were calm,” said Mary Demkowski of Oakmont of Santa Clarita. “So we just methodically got everyone out.” Related: Oakmont Of Santa Clarita Gearing Up For Thanksgiving Feast Several city buses and a number of staff members’ vehicles were quickly loaded up with residents, who were then safely transported to the Santa Clarita Valley Senior Center in Newhall. No one was injured during the evacuation, and staff and volunteers managed to work quickly enough to avoid any of the residents becoming ill from smoke inhalation. After serving an impromptu lunch at the Senior Center, some residents were able to go home with family members while the rest took charter buses to an Oakmont Senior Living community in Orange County in the city of Brea. “We couldn’t go back,” Dembkowski explained. [...]

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Seniors and Safety While Driving

Driving can sometimes be challenging for seniors, even more so if they use their cellphone while driving. A recent survey released by The University of California San Diego School of Medicine reveals that 60% of seniors (65+) talk on their cellphones while driving. Experts say that this type of “distracted driving” increases the risk of crash four-fold, and is equivalent to driving with a 0.08 blood alcohol level. Going “hands free” or using Bluetooth doesn’t necessarily solve the problem either, because the brain is required to multi-task, which takes your mind off of what you’re doing (also called “inattention blindness”). California law strictly prohibits texting and using cell phones while driving. Here are some tips to ensure seniors are driving safely: Turn your cell phone off when you get into the car – this is the simplest and most effective way to ensure that seniors are not using their phone while driving. When turning off the cell phone becomes as routine as putting on your seat belt, a habit is built that greatly increases the driver’s safety. Take a “Defensive Driving” course through AAA or an online traffic school – AAA has created a Defensive Driving course that is designed specifically for seniors. This online course covers the following topics: distractions, drowsiness, aggressive driving and road rage, managing visibility, time and space, alcohol & medications, and comfort and safety tips. Most importantly, pay extra attention to senior’s driving skills – behavioral changes like forgetfulness, loss of coordination, hearing loss, [...]

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Oakmont Senior Living Welcomes Industry Leader Sheila Garner to the Executive Team

Windsor, CA. On October 16th, Sheila Garner, senior living executive and 40+ year veteran of the industry, will join Oakmont Senior Living as a member of the Executive Team.  Ms. Garner has served as an industry leader and change maker in positions ranging from community Executive Director to Division Vice President.  As both a California licensed Nursing Home Administrator and Certified Administrator for Assisted Living (RCFE) in California, Sheila has supported over 140 Senior Living Communities including Continuing Care Retirement Communities, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities, and she has served as an inspiration, coach, and mentor to dozens of senior living executives who continue to make their mark to advance senior living to its greatest potential. Sheila’s passion and commitment to seniors is both respected and admired in the industry.  Currently, Ms. Garner serves as the Immediate Past Chair of the California Assisted Living Association (CALA), having served on the Board as well as in Public Policy for 12 years.  Ms. Garner consults with and supports entrepreneurs that are working in the senior aging space. She has been invited to speak at various venues including Aging 2.0 and its startup boot camps as well as participating in forums at the Stanford Center on Longevity.  Ms. Garner holds a Bachelor’s degree from California State University Hayward and a Post- Graduate Certificate of Business Management from the University of Southern California. Sheila will join Oakmont Senior Living as Vice President of Strategic Programs.  Her experience, knowledge, [...]

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How seniors avoid injury while exercising

We’ve been covering tips and tricks that seniors can use while they embark on their own fitness journeys and this next article will focus on tips for avoiding injury while exercising. For a general overview of exercise and seniors, we recommend checking out our previous article, Exercise and Seniors, here. Let’s get started!Now while everyone can and should be careful whenever they exercise, it’s especially important for seniors to practice caution whenever they begin exercising. Older adults can be more prone to injury when they engage in physical activity. As we age, ligaments and tendons don’t have as much elasticity and bones lose their density, which means they can be more fragile and less resistant to breaks.Injuries can be prevented by implementing modifications into your fitness routine, as well as finding professionals who understand how to properly engage in physical activity. Speaking with your doctor before engaging in an exercise regime is always recommended, because your doctor will be able to explain what exercises work best for your body.We have a few tips to keep in mind to help avoid injuries while you’re working out:Warm-up:When you warm-up before any type of exercise it prepares your body for movement. Warming up shouldn’t take long, just enough to get your heart rate up, ideally start with five to ten minutes of easy, moderate movement.Start slow:If you’re newer to exercise or haven’t embarked on a fitness journey in a number of years, it’s a good idea to start at a small pace. [...]

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Summer hydration tips

Staying hydrated is always important for seniors' health. However, in the summer when temperatures are high and people are more likely to spend more time in the sun, consuming enough water is essential to avoid dehydration. Seniors can be more susceptible to water and electrolyte imbalances as we age; our body’s ability to conserve water is lowered and the sense of thirst can diminish. This means seniors should be drinking more periodically throughout the day to maintain healthy hydration levels. Since hydration is so important, we’ve compiled a list of helpful ideas to keep in mind for the summer: A pint or more of water is lost every day just by breathing. As people get older, body water content decreases. By the time you feelthirsty, your water levels could already be extremely low. Many medications the elderly take make them more susceptible to dehydration. The body tends to become especially dehydrated while traveling, particularly on airplanes. Whenever flying, an additional 8 oz. of water per hour is suggested. Exposure to summer heat requires additional water. The body uses a great deal of water through skin-cooling perspiration. The first sign of dehydration may be a headachy feeling at the end of the day. Specific conditions, such as reduced swallowing capacity, decreased mobility, comprehension and communication disorders can contribute to dehydration. There are a number of ways to integrate more water into your lifestyle: Pour water into an easy-to-use water bottle, such as a canteen or plastic tumbler cup. This [...]

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Oakmont Of Santa Clarita Putting On Classic Car Show To Fundraise For Veteran Charity

Senior living community Oakmont Of Santa Clarita is organizing a classic car show and barbeque as part of their philanthropic series. The staff of Oakmont of Santa Clarita and its residents are constantly working together to be involved in the community. In June they hosted an art show with the Santa Clarita Artists’ Association where they partnered with local artists in the Santa Clarita Valley. Oakmont operates a community service program for the residents, Oakmont Contributes, with the core element of connecting residents with their community. Oakmont of Santa Clarita Marketing Director Mary Dembkowski added, “Connect is giving our residents the opportunity to give back to the community.” “Every quarter we have a different theme, and last quarter it was all about about animals and pets. So we partnered with Shelter Hope Pet (Shop), the residents made dog beds, we volunteered at the pet shelter,” said Dembkowski. “We ended the project with a pet adoption at Oakmont.” As this series comes to an end, Oakmont’s summer quarter will focus on veterans. “Now we’re on to ‘Giving Back To Our Veterans,’ so on July 29 we are hosting a classic car show and barbeque at Oakmont, Saturday, July 29, at 10 in the morning,” Dembkowski announced. The event will benefit The Wounded Warriors Project, a military and veterans charity service organization that empowers injured veterans and their families. Oakmont of Santa Clarita is also scheduled to participate in the Walk To End All Alzheimer’s set to take place on October 7 [...]

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Seniors and Exercise: How to Get Started

Welcome to part one in our series of articles focusing on exercise and senior health. We’ll be covering a wide variety of topics such as how to get started on exercise, what’s best for your activity level, and how to avoid injuries while exercising. We hope you enjoy our foray into fitness together! Exercise is a vital part of well-being and a key to living a long and healthy life. It’s an essential part of maintaining our overall health, helping us to have higher energy and a healthy bone mass and body weight; it can even help manage chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Regular exercise can also lower the risk of muscles and bones becoming weaker and more prone to injury as we age. In fact, the American College of Sports Medicine and American Heart Association recommends exercise most days of the week, even for seniors. To make exercise easier and more accessible for our residents, Oakmont regularly offers fitness classes as part of our daily activity schedule. We encourage our residents to take charge of their health and well-being by exercising in a safe and meaningful way that creates enjoyment, whether it’s with chair yoga, an aerobics class or a relaxing walk. By maintaining an active lifestyle, you can help yourself, a friend or loved one live a long, independent, and healthy life. Here are a few places to get you started if you haven’t exercised in some time or need to [...]

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Celebrating Father’s Day

Celebrating Father’s Day with your Dad with Dementia Father’s Day is around the corner, which means time with dad, heartfelt gifts, and maybe a dad joke or two. If your father has dementia however, celebrating might be a little different than what it used to be. You can keep traditions fun though as there are still plenty of ways that you can spend time with him. We created a list of ideas for activities and gifts that you can share with your dad for Father’s Day that he’ll surely love. Share memories with him – Create a photo album about your lives together, such as family vacations, birthdays, sports, or academic events. This is a great way to say “thank you” and will also help him to re-live pleasant memories from the past. Celebrate the sports fanatic – Did you love playing sports with your dad when you were young? Or hitting a bucket of golf balls together at the driving range? Whatever activity you enjoyed together in your younger years, embrace that this Father’s Day. Treat him to baseball tickets, take him to a high school sporting event, or simply catch the big game on TV. Relive old memories – This Father’s Day, we suggest that you relive memories and pastimes with your father. Often residents can recall distant stories in their long-term memory. Try to conjure up those long-ago memories in simple ways that remind him of being a young father. Cook his favorite food – Whether you’re an expert at cooking [...]

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